Martijn Reintjes

Hi, I am Martijn Reintjes and my philosophy to life is to live a life that generates great stories. And you create the best stories when you go on an adventure!

On this blog I write about my own stories and how I design my life so I keep having adventures!

I try to live as many stories as possible:

  •  I love to travel and visit strange, exotic places and meet new interesting people.
  • Working as a Digital Nomad in the Netherlands in countries like Thailand, Dominican Republic or Honduras.
  • Starting a new business is an adventure in it’s own right and I have started several.
  • Reading lets me experience adventures that others wrote down.
  • I really enjoy food and cooking and am always looking for that new special dish.
  • Learning new stuff and skills to broaden my being.

To be able to go on as many adventures as possible I designed my life to be as flexible as possible. I work on my own location independent business, I have an awesome wife who supports me and joins me often and I have great friends who are always up to something.

These are the things I am currently exploring or working on:

  • Testing.Agency, an online “Productized Service” that takes care of all the hassle of A/B-Testing. You just tell us what you want to test on what page and we take care of all the rest. Testing.Agency is currently in start-up face, but we are open for business and are already working with some very cool clients.
  • Renovating an 150 year old house, 2 years back we bought a house in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. We basically gutted it and created a whole new floorplan and installed everything anew. We did most of it ourselfs and it is almost done. It has become our great little homebase in Holland.
  • Planning a brand new adventure for summer 2015, more on that soon.

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