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Updated 20 January 2024, from our temporary home in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Where am I?

I’m traveling but am currently in Hoi An, Vietnam for 3 weeks.

Any life updates?

Traveling for 7 months
My family and I are on a 7 month trip that started in October 2023. After spending time in Northern Thailand and Laos, we are now in Vietnam.
We will slowly travel to Cambodia and then back to Thailand before we finish our trip in Japan.

Becoming an uncle
I’ve got a few nephews and nieces from my wife’s side. But now my brother is expecting his first baby any moment now and I’m super excited for it!

What am I working on?
Together with my wife I run, an online platform where we help parents with parenting problems and to raise their children in a positive, solution focussed way. As a child psychologist, she is the knowledge expert and I focus on business development and the technical site of the business.

Next steps
My wife and I are a great team, but we discovered that working together in the business is also an extra potential axis of friction in our relationship. So we decided that I will be leaving Psychogoed somewhere in 2024.
This means I need to leave her capable of running the business by herself AND having to discover what my new opportunity will be. I’m leaning to building a SaaS business.

What else am I doing?

Learning to Draw
I always thought I couldn’t draw, something that got infused in my brain in school. But since having kids, I wanted to motivate them to draw, so I started leading by example. And you know what, drawing isn’t hard! It’s just a skill and I am now carrying a sketchbook with me all the time to practice and become better.

I’ve been reading a lot again since a couple of years and am still going strong. I mostly read sci-fi books but also a lot of business, biographies and and some philosophy or social study books. You can find my reading list on Goodreads.